Elusive Mr. Fox

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Now that the snow and ice have finally melted, I’ve been continuing my search for Mr. Fox. When the snow fell, I attempted to identify and follow said Mr. Fox footprints, but they led me no where, assuming I had the right tracks.

With the ground uncovered by the snowcover, I noticed an indent in the ivy near the dock. Placing my trail cam, I wanted to get an idea of when Mr. Fox took the path.

Once I captured him in the middle of the night, I hoped that he would show up during the day. Well, the weather has been helping by raining at night, causing Mr. Fox to stay in. Just two days ago I was sitting at my desk working and saw Mr. Fox run right past the front door. I ran camera. He took off the neighbors.

Went back to my desk. Darn if he didn’t run past me going the other direction. Ran out again..he took off to the other neighbors.

Went back to my desk for the third time. Once past the front door. This time I had my camera, but managed to keep behind the rose bushes so I couldn’t get a clear shot.


Really Mr. Fox? Why can’t you stay and pose for me? I only want to take your picture.

It rained again last night and continued through this afternoon. I returned home and began filling the bird feeders. ZIP !! All of a sudden, Mr. Fox ducked out from underneath the gazebo not two feet away from me chasing a squirrel. Did I have my camera? NOPE !!

Went to the back of the house and opened up the feed bins and continued filling bird feeders. Again! Mr. Fox shows up, this time sniffing the open bins wanting a nibble. Second time..did I have my camera? NOPE !!

This time, I went into the house and got my camera. Clearly Mr. Fox was hanging around hungry for dinner. Kept filling bird feeders. This time I was ready. He returned and was nibbling on the bird seed I had thrown on the ground for the juncos and sparrows.

Thank You Mr. Fox for posing for me ! It was well worth the wait.


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  1. I think he stopped to pose and taunt you …. come and get me, dearie. So sweet, Emily. The fox seem to have grown bigger or is this a different one?

  2. Fantastic Mr Fox at last! I knew your patience would pay off in the end. One piece of advice, tough: you’d better get used to walking around permanently with a camera round your neck!!! I am very happy for you, Emily! 🙂

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