The Osprey have returned to the Chesapeake Bay after enjoying their tropical winter holiday. As they mate for life, one couple I’ve become familiar with, returned one by one.

The male returned first, lovingly building the nest for his girl before she arrived. Within just a few days, he built most of the nest. Wisely, the lady just arrived after the major construction has nearly finished.

Smart lady I’d say.

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  1. That is a great image, these are some fun birds to watch and of course take pictures of as they set-up and later feed their young. Looks like you have lots of birds and springtime activities to photograph, great shooting Bella.

    • Thanks Jim !! I know ! All I want to do is go out and bird right now. But reality keeps getting in the way. I’ve got a couple of great outings this week planned though.

      Love the Osprey, but I missed the first three days of his nest building. I should have known. Next year I’ll know to get down there when I first see Osprey on the river.

  2. How wonderful!!! I love how you know them… And they’re staying strong! Smart girl as you say. 😊 what a gorgeous image of this amazing raptor.

  3. They are so beautiful. I loved seeing them in Florida. Supposedly, they are seen here in Illinois. Maybe I’ll get lucky to see them!

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