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Eland at Manyara Ranch Conservancy

When visiting the northern Tanzania safari circuit, everyone imagines watching herds of animals galloping across the landscape. The truth is that a majority of the time, the animals are grazing with short spurts of group movements to new areas. While exploring the vast land of Manyara Ranch Conservancy, […]

Sense of Serenity

A sense of serenity fell upon me along the ponds. He was a young buck, peacefully nibbling on the vines. Meandering in the meadow, it was time for a rest. Calmly tucking underneath a tall hedge, he laid down. Peaceful, but alert he was. Watching his visitor his […]

Oakley Street Canvasbacks

The Canvasback ducks have been quite busy having a conference at Oakley Street in Cambridge, Maryland. Seems its time that they start planning their escape to the north. A practice session was in order to make sure their wings were ready. Within the 100 or so ducks in […]

Elusive Mr. Fox

Now that the snow and ice have finally melted, I’ve been continuing my search for Mr. Fox. When the snow fell, I attempted to identify and follow said Mr. Fox footprints, but they led me no where, assuming I had the right tracks. With the ground uncovered by […]

It’s Cold Out There

Freezing temperatures for quite some time have frozen over the Magothy River. The ice can be seen heading out towards the Chesapeake Bay. But a small patch of water remained, where many ducks, geese and swans found refuge. I had brought some corn to share with my feathered […]

Duck Wannabe

What looks like a duck, but isn’t a duck? The American Coot! A duck wannabe, they can be found floating along with mallards, and other winter migrating ducks. Found in the winter months along the Chesapeake Bay, these waterbirds fake me out. Their faces look a bit chicken […]