Oakley Street Canvasbacks

Canvasback Ducks

Canvasback Ducks

The Canvasback ducks have been quite busy having a conference at Oakley Street in Cambridge, Maryland. Seems its time that they start planning their escape to the north.

A practice session was in order to make sure their wings were ready.


Within the 100 or so ducks in the water, one was not like the rest. Seems a Canvasback and a Redheaded duck couple hooked up and had a baby. So what do we call him? A Redback? A Canvashead? Whatever he is, he is pretty cool.


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  1. Fantastic photographs! I am cannot believe only 7 people have like this so far. Your photos are so crisp and sharp. Not to mention canvasbacks are a handsome duck! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

  2. I so enjoy receiving these wildfowl photos you take. I love the Canvasback, it was the first duck I carved and painted. It sits on our TV amour with great dignity. I would love to spend time down there shooting these beauties, of course, only with my camera!

  3. I’ve been looking at lots of ducks lately, it is almost duck season here, and I think many of them are hiding. I love yours, and I love how close you get and how sharp the images are.

    • I wonder if your ducks are different than ours. At this place “The Wall of Shame” people go and feed them all the time, so they’re used to people. Normally they are far away. 🙂

      And the’s all about the light, allowing for fast shutter speeds.

    • Aren’t they cool? A friend of mine told me how they got their name. There were so many of them here in the eastern U.S. that the colonists would shoot lots of them and put them in canvas bags. That, with the look of their back gave them their name.

        • Ducks are still hunted, and from what I understand these are good eating. As I am now allergic to all mammal meat, duck is my new go-to for a nice juicy ‘steak.’ Go figure…

        • Yes they eat a sweeter celery seed diet. Sorry to hear of ur eating challenges. With all,the great things you do for wildlife, you get a get-out of jail card for being able to eat that meat to,supplement ur diet with a different protein :-))

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