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  1. Your daily photo sharings brings me joy and adds a song to my heart (guess I herd that from Lawrence Welk) but it’s true. I love how you capture the spirit of the moment and bring a glimpse of it to our homes! You have a very special gift.

  2. At first take, that last photo looks like a green leaf with a bunch of little bugs on it! Dunlins are splendid little birds. Can’t wait to get to the coast to watch them again. Great post. 😀

  3. That is the most beautiful quote on hope, Emily not Dickinson. I might just keep that for future use. For the second shot, I have to look at closely and they are birds! For a while I thought it was a rock with mussels or scales. 😉

    • I’m with you Perpetua, it was such a wonderful quote and certainly speaks to my spirit. Love it that the second image tricked people. I had a hard time picking a second one, so went with that one. They do look like pebbles don’t they?

  4. Nice! They look like a bunch of clones, almost like you went into photo shop and got to stamping the picture. I like that you shared both in the air and down. 🙂

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