It’s Cold Out There

Freezing temperatures for quite some time have frozen over the Magothy River. The ice can be seen heading out towards the Chesapeake Bay. But a small patch of water remained, where many ducks, geese and swans found refuge.


I had brought some corn to share with my feathered friends, and throwing it on the ice, the fun began. The mass invasion of Canada geese came in one at a time. Then several at a time. Taking a running start for take off, then a special dance for an ice landing.


Now for the Ice Landing Dance. Left foot, right foot, now both. Try it again. Left foot, right foot…

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Even the mallard ducks joined in.


Not to be bested, a solitary Tundra Swan had to try the ice landing dance.


The black ducks? Well, they just sat there and laughed at everyone.


Can’t blame them as I was laughing along with them. Hope you’ve managed to stay warm this wintery weekend.

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  1. I just love this photograph Emily, couldn’t have timed it any better (mouth opened, feet poised and wings spread ready for a perfect spin around the pond. Should be part of advertising for ice skating competition (Olympics perhaps)!

  2. These are fabulous! I definitely wouldn’t be so graceful, but I’d have fun with it trying to land on the ice that is. πŸ˜‰ I love the shot of them all coming at you, the movement is evidence that you’re the target and I like that. But the dances with ducks is pretty fantastic too. Great set of shots all in all.

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