Drink your Teeeea by the Eastern Towhee

Being a bird photographer, I’m always mesmerized by the creativity of mother nature. The type of decoration she gives our feathered friends is so much fun.

While watching my fox sparrow flock, there was another flock of special birds to me. The Eastern Towhee. Previously known as the Rufous Sided Towhee along with the spotted towhee, they now have their own name.


It’s not often that I see one, and when I do, they are usually scurrying under the brush. Liking to scratch the ground, they’re known for their call “Drink Your Teeeaa!”

Even the girls are beautiful in their subdued colors.


Eastern Towhees are large “New World” sparrows, found in northern America. I think they are adorable, and should perhaps have a tea party with them.


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    • It’s taken a few years Colleen, and I’ve birded a lot in my area. It helps to understand that the birds on the east coast are pretty much the same from Maine to Florida. I’m also have lots of local ‘pro’ birders that I’ve met through facebook that have helped me out with ID’s and call id’s. Even when I’m out in the field. I’m so grateful for their kindness.

  1. I’m with you in terms of their wonderful colors. There’s so much variety it’s mind-blowing. We are so blessed in this day and age to be able to witness so many different birds without have to go to where they are. Thanks for adding to the blessing. 😉

    They are definitely cool birds. Looks like you’ve got perfect timing this year, very clear, wide-open shots! I like how in the last the sun shimmers off his feathers, though they’re both beautiful.

  2. We have one who visits several times a day. Comes to the feeder we have ‘ve on our 2nd floor deck, especially since the blizzard hit us last week. He is beautiful, just have nou t been fortunate enough tools get a picture of him. But I keep trying. He leaves when other birds arrive.

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