Foxy Fox Sparrow

Awakening to a snow filled landscape and bitter temperatures, one would think the birds would be hunkered down. To keep us guessing though, the birds were overly busy at the feeders moving to keep warm.

Finally well on the road of recovery from my surgery in January, a visit to the barn and the ponies was well overdue. Grabbing my favorite girl Remy, off we went for a ride in the snow. She was excited to be out smelling the freshly fallen snow.

The air was brisk, the sky blue and bright. The snow glistened like diamonds. Walking in the field we headed off towards the woods. Before I knew it, a flush and a flutter happened beside us. (Yeah Remy for not jumping!)

Two flocks of some special birds to me rushed away from us. I always feel privileged to find birds that are less common than a ‘feeder’ bird. One in particular, the Fox Sparrow is one I only see once a year and then only one at a time. One of these flocks was a group of Fox Sparrows. I couldn’t believe my eyes that there were so many of them.

Fox Sparrows winter in the Chesapeake Bay area, and leave for north and northwesterly habitats for the summer. They’re usually seen under some brush kicking with both feet backwards when scratching the ground.

Remy and I went into the woods, but she started being silly and doing her fancy dancing that she does. Fine with me, as I’d rather chase birds anyway. So we rushed back to the barn, Passaging all the way. (Those that know dressage know that word.)



Excitedly rushing back to where I found the foxy’s, I was pleased they remained. Spending quite some time with them, they finally became comfortable enough with my presence and allowed me to get rather close to them. Posing beautifully, I must admit, those little Fox Sparrows were indeed quite foxy.


A truly beautiful day indeed. Happy to take you on a ride with me in search of foxy’s.

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  1. What’s going on? This is the 3rd blog entry I read today about people being snowed in! I am of course terribly jealous about your galloping in the snow with Remy and I love that other video with the dancing horse: just beautiful! Nice birds too! Keep warm and safe.

  2. What a fabulous day! I love the image of Remy “passaging” (thanks for the video because I do not know what that is, until now), that sounds so cute and so fun.:D

    Never seen Fox Sparrows but they’re really cute. I’ve learned that the small, and sometimes big, differences between all the little ‘brown birds’ are really things to be appreciated. Thanks for such great close up to show us the color pattern and shapes of the markings on their feathers. Much appreciated. 🙂

    • Passaging is so much fun ! I wish you could ride it to know what it feels like. Love Remy, she’s old, but still loves to dance. I need to take that lesson from her.

      Fox Sparrows were awesome that day, I was able to get so close and they were so darling. So thrilled I’m able to share these with you. Hugs!

      • Maybe I’ll add that to my Bucket List (once I start one ;)). I bet it is loads of fun. I’d have to have someone record the event for sure. When I was little my parents took us to see the Lipizzaner Stallions when they came to town. Wow was that a cool show especially for a little girl who desperately wanted a horse but settled for Breyers and My Little Ponys. I even managed later to have a Lipizzaner toy! Wonderful. 😀

        I think that is an awesome lesson from Remy!! How old is she?

        I’ll have to see if Fox Sparrows come my way at all. 😉

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