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Work the Scene

There is a charming farmette that I know of down a dead-end road for years that I’ve visited now and then. It has a classic International Farm truck staged in front of a historic barn and nothing could be more picture perfect. I’ve seen it spring, summer and […]

Snow Day

This past week has been a series of contrasts for me. Starting with a glorious sunrise and outing at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge while I was scouting for my upcoming class. I then took the opportunity to slip into the warm and tropical climate of Rawlings Conservatory to […]

Beauty in the Snow

It’s hard to believe that just five days ago we had a snowstorm that left over three inches of snow on the ground. Heavy rain the next day washed it away, and Old Man Winter has set in with his cold temperatures. I’m starting to love those storms […]

Snowzilla 2016

More snow than I could have ever imagined fell just two days ago. After the storm passed, we’ve been busy moving snow so that life can get back to normal. The Garden Bird Photography Studio worked far better than I imagined and the variations I can create are […]

Blizzard Conditions

A big change from what the scene looked just a day ago. The Garden Bird Photography Studio is now well under two feet of snow and the manor is snowed in. No way to get in or out. It’ll be a hard working day tomorrow, but in the […]

In the Snow

The Mid-Atlantic region is being hammered tonight and tomorrow with a significant snowstorm. Calling for blizzard conditions, at times we’ll experience complete white-outs. In the quiet moments of the beginning of the snow storm, the birds and squirrels were busy eating, gathering energy to stay warm at night. […]

Snowy Walkabout in Annapolis

Even though it is March, Old Man Winter continues to hang on with strength. A full day of snow falling on the Chesapeake Bay kept things quiet on the roads. The Naval Academy Bridge stood strong against the falling snow flakes, leading me towards Annapolis. I went to […]

Cold and Stark

Walk along the frozen river. Where quiet set in like the fog. Nothing but the wind whistling through the trees. Perhaps a bridge will lead us into the spring. With the promise of gentle breezes and soft blossoms. Beyond the bridge, hope dissipates as the frozen river travels […]