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Work the Scene

There is a charming farmette that I know of down a dead-end road for years that I’ve visited now and then. It has a classic International Farm truck staged in front of a historic barn and nothing could be more picture perfect. I’ve seen it spring, summer and autumn but never in winter and a snowy day guided my car for another visit.

When stopping to photograph a farm or otherwise, I am always quite respectful of the property owners and won’t walk on their driveways or such for the best vantage point. Many times I used my telephoto lens to get closer to the subject to respect their privacy.

After a few captures of the barn and horses in the adjacent field I got back in my car to head out. I drove 20 feet and saw an even better perspective. With time one learns that you have to ‘work the shot’ which means capturing the same subject in many different ways to get a variety of perspectives, focal ranges and compositions. Invariably, the best shots will be the later ones in your filmstrip as we become more familiar with our subject and begin to see the nuances that was first initially missed.

Here is the original image after the basic lightroom edits for exposure, contrast, etc.

I then brought the image into Topaz Studio and worked within the Topaz Textures module before taking it into Photoshop to spot-remove the red sign.

And so I thought that perhaps this image was ready to share and I decided to bring it into Topaz Studio once more to see what Topaz Impressions might do with it. And Voila ! A classic Americana look of this 1950’s era farm truck.

Creating a worthy image with a strong composition and creative perspective takes time, patience and an effort in ‘working the scene.’

This past weekend I offered my first of, hopefully many to be offered again, Topaz Studio software classes through Capital Photography Center. It is a five hour intensive nuts and bolts hands-on learning experience to become a digital artist using the Topaz Studio suite of creative photo editing modules. The next class offering is on March 24, 2019. Click Here for More Information.

Along with my day enjoy the snow I found some deer wandering along the wood’s edge. Posing beautifully for me while I struggled to acquire focus in the snow I was thankful for their cooperation.

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