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Suet Loving Birds

For those that have followed me for some time now, they may have remembered a blog post about creating a bird photography studio at home.

Wintertime is a wonderful time to create your own bird photography studio as the birds are busy looking for sustenance in difficult weather conditions.

Creating a bird habitat has involved years of providing a constant food source, a variety of water fountains, and shelter and housing. Once birds begin to stay around, then passing birds will see them and most likely join in on the fun.

There is a special suet that I make in winter and give it out sparingly as it’s quite rich. A newly improved Zick Dough by Julie Zickefoose adds non-medicated Chick starter for a well rounded nutritious snack.

Some of the birds are accustomed to climbing up tree trunks in search of bugs and such so I lather some of it along the tree bark and they cling on and enjoy it to their hearts content. Of course, the squirrels had to discover it as well and run off with huge chunks of it.

For a few winters I had a Northern Mockingbird that knew me and would fly in on really cold days to get his own serving of special suet.

The log was purchased a local bird feed store and round suet logs are purchased and placed inside the holes. I’ve found the Hot Pepper one is best as the squirrels will just grab the other, better tasting one faster than you can blink.

This year I’ve had two new visitors. Brown Creepers are little brown birds that creep along the tree bark and their markings have them blend right into the tree. They’re fast little buggers so I vowed that since I didn’t have any decent images of them that I would have to make an effort to spend time sitting out in my comfortable chair and wait for them to come it. So far I’ve gotten several wonderful images and I’m grateful to have them as a guest.

Sometimes the best birding can be right outside your front door.

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  1. Love the Creeper shots. I don’t get them. Your birds live in luxury. Mine are stuck eating preformed suet cakes from the local feed store. I like that yours fits into habitat that doesn’t scream feeder.

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