Duck Wannabe

What looks like a duck, but isn’t a duck? The American Coot!

A duck wannabe, they can be found floating along with mallards, and other winter migrating ducks. Found in the winter months along the Chesapeake Bay, these waterbirds fake me out.


Their faces look a bit chicken like to me, but that is not the only surprise about this bizarre bird. See, their feet seem like something from Mars.


With funky feet, and beady red eyes, Coots are actually rather brave and inquisitive. While spending time along a pond shore this morning, I had tossed out some popcorn in hopes for some other ducks to get closer. Well, the ducks wouldn’t have anything to do with me (big surprise there..NOT!), but the Coot kept testing the boundaries of his comfort zone.

Come in a little, go back out. Come in a little more, go back out. Sneak around from behind..Popcorn!


During the summer months, they can be found in the American mid-west up through Canada. Seems these wannabe ducks like being in the southwest and California year round though. The boys are known to pursue the girls rather aggressively, chasing them until they get what they want.

So what can we say about these brave, weird and assertive Coots. They actually are great role models. Faking it until they make it, and not being a doormat for anyone. Something good to aspire to.

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  1. Look at those feet! I feel like I’m back with the dinosaurs, great capture of those sweet things. Funny because when I’m holding my birds I often stare at their feet because it’s just the craziest thing that these soft, fluffy creatures round the world have reptilian feet. Oh gosh, I won’t talk about when they scream…I plan to share such a video soon. πŸ˜‰

    Nice post! I think they count well enough for ducks, plus the ducks were failing you so the Coots deserve the attention they worked for.

  2. You’re right! They are always around ducks, even in the large pond (or small lake, not sure which) in the field behind my house. I had never noticed those feet, though! How amazing!

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