American Wigeons at the Wall of Shame

I never knew that there could be a duck that purrs. Heading out on a duck expedition today, I confess I was desperate and headed to the infamous Wall of Shame in Cambridge, Maryland. I had been there last year and had a glorious time with the ducks.

Knowing that the price of admission was whole kernel corn for the ducks, I headed out early towards The Wall of Shame.

I wanted ducks, and boy ducks did I find!


While enjoying the ducks, I began to hear some purring. Now wait a minute…aren’t I looking at water? There aren’t any cats around here. And then I figured out who it was. It was an American Wigeon girl that was purring to her boyfriend. If you want to hear her purr, click here and play the Female call (with brood)

American Wigeon - Female and Male

American Wigeon – Female and Male

A majority of the American Wigeons breed in the boreal forest, while wintering throughout the southern United States, and on the Chesapeake Bay. The girls get their pick of boys as several males will pursue one female and may the best man win.

The boys are pretty cool looking with a green streak on their heads.

Listening to these ducks, perhaps I should start learning how to speak in their language. Maybe the Duck Dynasty boys can teach me something.

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  1. So many ducks! It looks like they all were running from you at once. πŸ˜‰ Really cool shot, guess it works sometimes when they run away.

    Now those Wigeons are some…interesting ducks. That purring is not so cute, lol, I felt like I should be watching a silly cartoon. I’d have to agree with the description that their whistles sound like squeaky toys. That makes them that much better dog magnets!

    Cool post, thanks for sharing. πŸ˜€

  2. Great hot. I am new to photography and need as much help as possible. Check out and please feel free to give me tips. I’m a newbie in help.

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