You Keep a Knocking But You Can’t Come In

There are some noisy birds out there that love to knock, knock, knock on wood. How these Woodpeckers managed not to have spitting headaches each day amazes me.

Can you imagine banging on some hard tree with your little nose, all to get a bug? Knock, Knock, Knock. Anyone home? I really just want to eat you little bug.

Perhaps they’re thinking what they’re doing is Knocking on Heaven’s Door. Get ready for some great beat! Click and watch a wonderful version of “Knockin on Heaven’s Door.”

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  1. That’s such a beautiful song that it would take a real idiot to kill it, nevertheless that boy’s done it justice. He has a great voice. As for the woodpeckers, they are easier to hear than to be seen, but I did see one years ago walking in the New Forest in Hampshire where we used to walk every Sunday morning. So elusive, though!

  2. I love these guys. I’ve not seen a Northern Flicker yet here. They seem to resemble a dove shape with woodpecker markings. Interesting. Thanks for sharing, also the grouping for comparison! 🐦🐥🐔

    • Thanks Ilex ! I didn’t think how putting these together would be a great way to compare, but you’re right !! The flicker does have soft markings like a morning dove, but they’re longer and shyer. They see me..they fly off !

  3. Great photos. I love to photograph woodpeckers as well. My wife and I have created a woodpecker utopia in our backyard. We have suet-filled peckerwoods hanging all over along with suet baskets. It deters them a bit from damaging our living trees.

  4. I really appreciate seeing all those woodpeckers side by side. Of that group the Flicker is close to my favorite though I’ve never seen the Sapsucker, not sure if we have them around here. The one I’ve only seen but a few times, that’s not up there, but just blows my mind is the Pileated Woodpecker. Their size and coloring is fabulous.

    It does seem to be a strange way of doing things, banging your head against wood. I wonder how this evolved…

    Cute video and I guess in a way finding a load of bugs is probably like heaven to all those woodpeckers. 😉

    • I’ve been trying to use images that I have recently captured. I really should have included the one image I have a Pileated Woodpecker that I got last year. Have you seen that some birds actually use a stick to dig into a branch to get the bugs out? It really is amazing stuff. But then again, think about us little humans and how we’ve evolved.

      • You know now that you say that I’m thinking maybe you posted that and I saw it?? Either way, they never get old as far as I’m concerned and I do understand the urge to use new photos, sometimes I feel like I’m cheating if I don’t. 😉 Wait, that’s mostly if I repost a photo I already used.

        Yes I have heard about that. Birds are really pretty smart. You’re absolutely smart, we humans have come a long way and sometimes we’re still genuinely dumb. 😉 My African Grey sometimes will be preening and one of his bigger feathers comes out. He’ll then take it in his foot and use the quill end of it to scratch his head and neck. It’s pretty cute. I tried to capture him doing it but as soon as I started paying attention he dropped it.

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