Eland at Manyara Ranch Conservancy


When visiting the northern Tanzania safari circuit, everyone imagines watching herds of animals galloping across the landscape. The truth is that a majority of the time, the animals are grazing with short spurts of group movements to new areas.

While exploring the vast land of Manyara Ranch Conservancy, we came across a large herd of Eland, Zebras and Gazelles. Something motivated the herd to gallops across the landscape. In respect to the group, we stopped and watched them run across the road. Waiting for the full herd to cross so that they could stay together.

As a rather shy creature, this was the closest we were able to get to Elands during our entire week’s stay in Tanzania. As the largest African antelope, the herd included Elands in all sizes from the small baby to the large bull.


Watching them, we couldn’t help but think that Elands just might be good eating. Thankfully, they are protected and will continue to thrive in the grasslands of Tanzania.


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    • Oh wow Mark, the lighting conditions and heat haze was so tough ! And I added the 1.4 xx extender which really made things soft. I’ll take what I got though. I now have the Adobe Creative Cloud with Lightroom 6. It has a new “Dehaze” feature which has been helping tremendously with this grouping of images.

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