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The Large Animals of Africa

Along with the lion, one of the other animals that best says Africa is the grand Elephant. There were several large mammals we were able to observe including the Elephant, Hippopotamus, Rhinoceros, and the Water Buffalo. One of the more rare sightings was of a baby Hippo and […]

Zebra Colts

One of my favorite animals on my African Safari is no surprise. As a horse lover, it was only natural for me to immediately fall in love with the Zebras. Add to the lovefest, baby zebras were all over the place. Cute as a button they are. Little […]

Vervet Monkeys

The Vervet Monkeys is a smaller monkey in Tanzania and a nice colony lives in the forest of Ngorongoro Crater. The parents interchange baby watch and have no problem handling a child that isn’t their own. Such a wonderful community where mom’s help each other.

The Warthog

One cannot see a Warthog in the Serengeti without the song “Hakuna Matata” immediately entering one’s head. Actually a little shy, we were able to get some wonderful close views of a warthog family, babies in tow in the southern Serengeti. A sturdy creature on the savannah, they […]

Black Rhinoceros

No African safari is complete without checking off the “Big Five” list. What is the Big Five? Well, they are the five animals considered the most dangerous to hunt by foot. These include: Lion, elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros, and the leopard. While many visitors look only for the “Big […]

Coke’s Hardebeest

One of the more elusive large antelopes seen on our African Safari in Northern Tanzania was the Coke’s Hardebeest. We had found then in the marshy area of Lake Ndutu, although they are known to found in areas of open savannah and dry grasslands. The migration had drawn […]

Like Mom

It was baby season in the Serengeti and surrounding areas in Northern Tanzania. While still working through images at least one to cheer your day. A baby Wildebeest stood next to her mother. With poor vision, their hearing is sharp and both looked at the jeep upon our […]