Jackals of the Serengeti


While on game drives, many animals choose to spend time near the road. An intriguing fact as they have miles and miles of vast plains that they can wander to with no human interaction.

Jackals were one of the animals that we saw most days while out. Whether it was at Lake Manyara, Ndutu Conservation Area or the Serengeti National Park, they were happy additions to the landscape. They ended up being one of my favorite animals that I saw during my week-long safari in Northern Tanzania.

I hadn’t realized that I had the privilege of seeing two different types. This Black-backed Jackal was more prominent and their unique coloring and Eqyptian styled face was charming.


But a more elegant Jackal seemed to have caught my camera’s attention and in editing images today, I discovered this beautiful Common Jackal that stood proud and strong.


It was the early morn after a night of heavy rains so the animals were busy sniffing around for breakfast.


This past week I was knocked down by a bad cold so haven’t had any energy or interest to work on my Africa pictures. I’m back at it tonight and will keep sharing as they come up. Have a great week!

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    • Well I was until the stupid horse bucked me off last Saturday. And all of those images I had to edit from Africa have slowed me down from posting. Almost done and can begin posting again in earnest. Miss everyone!

  1. Wonderful photographs of the jackals Emily. Did a charcoal drawing of the Serengeti National Park – your shots reminded me of the grandeur of the place.

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