They’ve Returned!

The morning after my arrival from Africa, I was awoken to the sounds of an Osprey calling along the water. Could it be? Is it possible that Zorro and Esperanza have returned?

For those that have been following me for a while, you know the tale well from last year where they were building their nest on my neighbor’s boat lift and they so cold-heartedly destroyed it. I had installed a nesting platform for them on my property but it was too late in the season for Zorro and Esperanza to have their family.

With great pleasure I set my eyes on Zorro who was freshening up the nest for the year, awaiting the arrival of Esperanza. This is usual for the Osprey that the male arrives before the female to prepare the nest.

Within the week, Esperanza arrived during the day and in short order Zorro brought her a fish which she excitedly devoured.


It didn’t take them long to greet each other in a more loving fashion.


For now, they are on and off the nest and after all of the events from last year, I’m so afraid that they’ll move on. But it does seem that they’ve moved in for the season and the nest looks strong and sturdy. It’s very exciting news indeed.



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  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful bird, well done 🙂
    Here in Denmark, we’re still waiting for them to pass over our heads. Shouldn’t take long now…

    • How wonderful that you also get Ospreys in Denmark. One of the few bird species that we get to share worldwide. Thank you so much for your kind comment, wonderful to meet you and look forward to seeing you again. 🙂

  2. At Jamaica Bay in NYC they have Osprey platforms. They used to build tall ones until they discovered that wasn’t necessary. Now they make 6 foot high ones, much easier for monitoring, and the Ospreys like them just fine. BTW Excellent photos.

    • So wonderful Mary. I love doves, they are so soft and sweet and their little coo. I couldn’t believe the many varieties of doves in Tanzania. So far, the next is perfect and no human will be messing with this one. 🙂

  3. I am so overjoyed! 😅 HAPPY DANCE 💃 👍🏃🎉
    Last year when I was reading about your evil neighbors, I swore a vein popped in my head for how po-ed I was. I’m so excited for you to have them back and looking quite healthy! I can’t wait to see the baby pix when the time comes! Yeah! Nature 1 – evil neighbors 0.

    • You know I cried that day their nest was so cruelly removed Sarah. I’m so happy to see them now. Esperanza spends a lot of time on the nest except the other day a bald eagle came and fly in and rested in her favorite evergreen tree. She flew off and did 3 close fly-by’s to tell him to get out of her tree. She chased him off in quick accord. It was awesome.

      • I bet you did! I would have been beside myself!! Wow, that really must have been something to watch 🙂 Not sure how big the size difference is but Esperanza has agility on her side! That’s a good sign that’s she’s being very protective off the area 🙂

    • I know Renee ! It’s so very exciting ! I really should have set up a webcam. Next year I will for certain. Don’t have a way to get up there to see if eggs are there. I may have to get creative. 🙂

  4. What fabulous news and surprise to come back home to! I hope they will succeed this year and I look forward to seeing pictures of their young very soon.
    By the way, any news on Azure and Celeste?

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