Coke’s Hardebeest


One of the more elusive large antelopes seen on our African Safari in Northern Tanzania was the Coke’s Hardebeest. We had found then in the marshy area of Lake Ndutu, although they are known to found in areas of open savannah and dry grasslands. The migration had drawn them to the area, and it was also baby season for them.


These grazing animals are similar to horses in the sense that one dominant male gets the herd of females and the younger bachelors are kicked out and forced to create their own herd. Older males are seen on their own belonging to neither group.

They are able to survive without for water for a while, depending on moisture from their food source. They are usually more active in the mornings, but it had been a rainy night and the morning was starting slowly. They were sleeping in a little waiting for the warming of the day.


They have a very unusual shaped head, causing me to call the “Heartbeasts.” Fascinating these animals are and they stand out with their unique look.


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