In the Rain

It was raining, and someone came out with an appetite.


Not sure if I’ve mentioned that I’ve learned that Mr. Fox is actually a Miss Fox. After the Evening Buffet, and watching a short clip, I saw the fox squat for, well..a pee. Seems these foxes leave a urine mark when the food source is exhausted to remind themselves the next go around that nothing is there.

Back to the wet fox. Well, “Foxy” as she now recognizes me when I call her such, was running back and forth through the front drive way. Went that-a-way. Nope, no photo op. Ok, so let’s place some nice cut smoked turkey out for her to nibble on. Flew by the bowl without a glance to the neighbors.

I kept working at my desk, my eye out the window. Surely she’ll pass by again. And indeed she did. Flying by, she stopped and did a double take. that something I smell? She went to the little bowl and looked around a little bewildered. Surely she couldn’t believe her good luck.



I watched her nibble a bit, and then to my surprise, she took off with a piece in her mouth. All to head to a flower bed and bury the piece.

Surely saving something for a lean day, Foxy made sure she squirreled away some nibble. Of course, I have to wonder if she remembers where she’s left things.

I’ve heard Foxy call in the middle of the night for some loving, but I’m thinking that she may be alone in the neighborhood. Although we had seen two foxes in the fall, surely the other was her brother. And ewww..kissing your brother is, oh so not right.

I’m hoping that a male fox will come into the scene and romance our little Foxy.

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  1. Foxy is gorgeous and now I understand why the grass on her nose – I hope she remembers her “safe” places better than I do, lol! šŸ™‚

  2. Another beautiful love story. Well, I’m sure that with such a stunning looking girl more than one Mr Fox will soon strut around! Keep us posted, please. šŸ™‚

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