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Along the Tidal Basin


The Cherry trees are now in full bloom in Washington D.C. and area photographers wait anxiously for when they are in their full glory.

A four a.m. departure had me arrive at the Tidal Basin at 5:15 a.m. I thought I had gotten there quite early as sunrise wasn’t until 6:30. But it seemed that I wasn’t the only excited photographer wanting to get out and photograph the blossoms. Being a Saturday, and the first clear day after a week of dreary and rainy skies, it wasn’t a surprise that it was to be a busy day along the water.

The monuments glistened in the water before the sky began to glow.

The photographers busy with their craft, lined the walkway all around the basin. The sky began to lighten and the real fun began.

It’s nearly 100 years since the Mayor of Tokyo first gifted Japanese Cherry trees to the Mayor of Washington D.C. Celebrated with a two-week long festival, the true stars are the cherry blossoms. Even in 1920, photographers flocked to the basin to capture these stunning beauties.

Once the trees reach full bloom, it’s not long before they begin to fade. Truly one of those moments that is fleeting and makes one step out of their busy lives and walk beneath the cherry trees.

More images can be seen and purchased here:

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    • Good luck Jack ! Are you going early? I got there at 5:15am and it was already busy. Drove there and parked on Ohio Street. Parking can also be found at Haines Point. There is Handicap parking near the Jefferson Memorial along Ohio Street. Go in by Independence Ave.

  1. It would seem you were well rewarded for your VERY early start – what glorious captures, especially the reflections of the monuments in the water! 🙂

  2. I especially like the close ups, those with the monuments reflected in the water and – I have to ask – is that a photo of the martin Luther King memorial ?

    • Yes it is ! Wow, I’m impressed that you knew and recognized the MLK memorial. It is certainly a new addition to the scene. I saw it a couple of years ago and they planted newer cherry trees around it. They’ve grown in and it’s beautiful there. Thank you so much!

      • Was in Washington last autumn (fall) and that – and the Marines Monument – were the ones that really impressed me. How does it actually work that the flag in the Marines Monument seems to be raised as you come down the hill?

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