A Stick and a Fish

With the despair of the lost nest of Zorro and Esperanza, I have been hoping that they would rebuild. For the first few days after the wind storm, they sat at the nesting site with a look of confusion.

Then one day the weather was favorable, and it appeared that nest building was once again on their minds. Watching Zorro bring a couple of sticks to the nest, Esperanza oversaw the construction. On the first pass, Zorro tried to be efficient with soft nesting in one foot, and a stick in the other. Seems while it may have been a good idea, it really didn’t work. The soft nesting falling from between his talons.



Giving Zorro a look, Esperanza told him in uncertain terms that he better get it right this time. Poor Zorro…”Really honey, I’m trying my best!”


Of course, there is nothing better than making up after a little argument.


Zorro, so determined to make his girl happy he then brought her dinner. He is such a sweet boy.


In watching him this time, it must be getting near time for Esperanza to lay her eggs. As another Osprey flies close to their nest Zorro screams loudly “She’s mine! The nest is mine! Better watch out!”

Now to begin the watch for when Esperanza starts sitting on the nest, thus indicating eggs have been laid.

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  1. Wonderful photos but the story line is even better…I found that Zoro reflects in the third image what I’ve been feeling this past week….keep shooting. My redhead ducks are still around on one of my local ponds…2 drakes with 2 hens who seem to be very close.

  2. You’re so lucky to get to witness this cute family. I just put out nesting fluff and the finches are on it big time. Hope I get lucky also!

    • You’re absolutely right Ilex. I’m truly blessed to have them nesting so close to my home. I also set out hummingbird nest perches with nesting materials. First year for me. Here’s hoping someone else moves in too. Good luck with your finches!

  3. Amazing photos! I wonder if they should rebuild there? Do you get a lot of wind? I am worried that they may lose their family if they don’t anchor the nest. I probably need help. πŸ˜‰

    • You and me both! This time they’re building it lower profile, and less susceptible to the wind. We used to not get wind like we have been lately, so it’s unusual. There are two bars with a open space in between. The piling that they’re bolted to is where the base of the nest is. So technically the eggs will be tucked in between the two metal bars. So actually pretty darn protected. There is a little more nesting material now, but nothing like the original nest.

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