A Morning Surprise

With the fall coming, the sunrise is later than usual. That is, until we have daylights savings time. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the leisure sunrises at seven in the morning, and I wasn’t the only one up early.

Seems I wasn’t the only one surprised at the sight of another in the early morn. As a beautiful mature Red Tailed fox was in the garden eyeing the corn box wondering who’d be coming for breakfast.


Looking at me with alert eyes, while I attempted to fire off a few shots. He let out a little bark and jumped back to create some distance between us.


He must have had a long night as he began to yawn. Either that, or I was quickly boring him.


Or so I thought as he began to laugh at me. Perhaps thinking I was silly being so excited about seeing him this morning.


I said “Good morning Mr. Fox.” In reply, he ran off. Sure hope he returns for yet another morning surprise.

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    • I must admit, it’s been a foxy year this year. Although some friends go to Bombay Hook NWR in Delaware and see them nearly every day on the road. Crazy right? Here’s wishing one comes out of the bush for you.

    • You know it. I keep my camera on the dining room table all primed and ready. I shoot enough that I can change my settings in an instant. And being fast on the draw took lots of practice. Haven’t seen a Hyenna but I know they’re fast.

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