Black and White Warbler

I must admit. I’m addicted to warblers. I think they are the most darling birds ever. But they are tough to photograph. Really tough. They are little, they are high up in 30 to 40 foot trees that are filled with leaves. Add to that, they are in constant motion, darting from limb to limb chasing bugs.

I’ve been chasing a few in my garden the past three days and have gotten zilch to prove my attempts to photograph them. Little tiny, fuzzy and out of focus yellow dots.

One consolation though is when I visited Swan Creek Wetlands at the end of last week and a charming Black and White warbler gave me several opportunities to capture him.

They love to dart up and down tree trunks in search of bugs and also are in constant motion. I’ve only seen them twice before and it’s always special for me. Hope you enjoy him as much as I.

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  1. Great shots of that little cutie. I have only seen one, and that was for only a few seconds. The good news I did get a nice photo, though. Enjoyed all of yours, Emily. 🙂

      • The one I saw an photographed was obviously migrating, and stopped by for a look-see at the bird blind at San Angelo State Park. I got real lucky, he/she landed on a twig and sat there for about 10-20 seconds, then it was gone. I had my camera on a tripod and swung it onto him just in time.

  2. What a fine super picture at the beginning of this article. In the U.K we have a couple of birds: the nuthatch and the treecreeper, one flies from the top of a trunk to low down and runs up the tree, the other flies to the bottom and works up the trunk.
    Seems your bird does something similar: niche ecology eh?

  3. What a cutie! I’ve not seem one yet here. . I’ve only got my nuthatch, who has finally got courage to take seeds off the windowsill. Otherwise, he/she feeds off the suet.

  4. I’m a fan of warblers, too! I live in a fourth-floor apartment in a semi-urban location. My living room window overlooks a copse of mixed trees, which is perfect for birdwatching. About this time of year, a group of least flycatchers settle in for a week or two. They are a joy to watch – except they are the same size, shape, and color as the changing leaves in the trees!

    I did spot a black-and-white warbler in there a week ago. Your fine photographs have helped me confirm its identity.

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