Rush Hour at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge


The air was heavy this morning as I drove on the dirt road towards Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. The meadow was full of promise, with baby bunnies running alongside and birds singing on the wildflowers.


Once again I have returned to Bombay Hook as the birds have been calling. It’s been a while since I’ve been and visit was overdue. It had been heard that thousands of birds had arrived after their summer holiday, and the bugs have abated.

I was hoping to be able to enjoy a large flock of American Avocets. With their peculiar beaks that turn upwards, these avocets race quickly across the marsh foraging in the mud. It was rush hour and the pool was filled with Great white egrets, snowy egrets, avocets and additional shorebirds.


Thoroughly entertaining, these avocets went about being busy for the morning. Setting off to a new place to forage, I set my sights on a lovely Glossy ibis that chose to quietly preen along the shore.


Indeed it promised to be a good morning. A hot day, but a good day nevertheless. Join me tomorrow and continue to discover the feathered friends found along the wildlife loop of Bombay Hook.

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