I’m a Wader


The marsh pools of Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge attract a wide variety of wading birds. Many of them call Bombay Hook their summer home and a place to raise a family.

These Black necked Stilts, now teenagers were enjoying the cool water and stuck together like twins that they are. They were hiding behind some grass and I was waiting patiently for them to make their appearance, when a muskrat swam by with grass in his mouth. They rushed out from behind their hiding spot, with a look of confusion. A little stretch, and a deep breath, and they returned to strolling the marsh.


The Glossy ibis were plentiful this visit and are usually seen flying in and out of the pools. They tend to enjoy being on the far end of the marsh, being reluctant models. This one was on the road’s side of the marsh alone, quietly preening in the rising sun. After taking a few captures, I looked away for a moment, and somehow he knew I had taken my attention elsewhere and disappeared like a magician.


The Great blue herons, along with the Great egrets dominated the scene on Bear Swamp. They have a favorite little spot where they congregate in the early morning. Looking majestic as they do in the morning light, it was beauty times two.

To think about our feathered friends and what makes them so interesting to me. These three wading birds show how creative mother nature can be in how different, but yet how same they are from each other.

Is that not how it is also within mankind? We are all so different, but yet are the same in so many ways.

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