Ouch ! That Hurts!


Along the marsh of Bombay Hook National Wildlife refuge, shore birds are beginning to collection in high numbers. On their migrational route north, Bombay Hook is an essential rest stop along their journey.

While watching a number of wading birds, a pair of dueling semi-palmated sandpipers caught my eye. Leaping off the ground, one defending his territory, clearly one was more of a bully than the other.

Pecking on his head while in mid-air.


Then an in-flight crash with a squeak.


And the victor pins down his opponent.


It happened all in a flash, but what a battle it was.

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  1. Hey these little folk can get really cereal! Great photography. Hope the one on the ground was able to eventually fly away!

  2. I notice here on my porch when bird have they’ve new born babies they bring in their guest to see the new borns. Being in charge of the bird walk here I’ve observe a lot.

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