The Baltimore Orioles


Today I went chasing a different kind a bird. A bird that is a deeply seated in American tradition. What is more American than American baseball? The Baltimore Orioles, or more fondly called the “O’s” have been around for over 115 years. Baltimore’s own Babe Ruth played on the team, ensuring the team’s place in history.

It was a sunny and warm day, and the fans were dressed in orange and black. Milling around on Eutaw street before the game began, it promised to be a perfect summer afternoon at the ball game.


Along the walkway, one can see markers where left handed batters literally knocked the balls out of the park for a home run. Warning signs around kept viewers alert for flying balls.

Once the National Anthem has been sung, the Oriole’s mascot dances around the pitching mound with a small pile of baseballs to ensure a winning game.


And then it’s time for…Batter Up!!

Manny Machado #13

Manny Machado #13

The game went quietly along and you never know when the action will happen. Watching a pro baseball game is different than watching a pro football game. The spectators are quiet, and keep an eye on the game. Kids all decked out in the team gear cheer for their favorite player.

Manny Machado #13

Manny Machado #13

My friend and I got a bit toasty in the sun as we were sitting near first base. Walking around the stadium, we ended up in what is called the nose-bleed seats. Actually, we really liked the spot, nicely in the shade and sitting over the game. We had a bird’s eye view of the game.

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And finally a vendor came up and shouted “HOT Dog! Hot Dog..anyone want a Hot Dog?”


Even in the dug out, we all had a great time at the game. If you live in the area, and haven’t been to enjoy a Baltimore Oriole’s game you’re in for a treat.

Now let’s go and find some popcorn and peanuts.


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