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Soft and Lovely

Winter is coming and at last the temperatures have dropped and the ground has dried up a bit. It’s good to not be walking in the mud every day. Winter is a favorite time of year for me to go out and explore the great outdoors with duck […]

Botanical Art

A favorite place of mine to visit is Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. I’ve been there at least once a year for the past several years. After viewing what I actually had captured from all of those visits, I was rather disappointed. It was time for me […]

A Morning Run

The morning was a brisk morning, the air fresh and cool from lower humidity and temperatures. A wonderful respite after the hot and humid summer Maryland has held. The African exhibit at the Maryland Zoo is hosting a new family addition to the grazing animals. Feeling frisky, the […]

Pokemon at the Maryland Zoo

Call me shameless, but what can I say? I’m an American. And as an American, I love games, and I love to explore. I love games that make me explore. If you haven’t caught the worldwide bug already, let me introduce you to the new game introduced by […]

Arctic Foxes at the Maryland Zoo

This weekend the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore; introduced two new Arctic Foxes to their Polar Bear Watch exhibit. “Luna” and “Timber” are two charming and fluffy 8-month old foxes that seem to have boundless energy. It was hard to keep up with them and I could spend all […]

Eurasian Eagle Owl

The final in the owl series of this week. This is an Eurasian Eagle Owl that is part of the captive Birds of Prey exhibit at the Carrie Murray Nature Center. Full of personality and spirit, this bird is held by the handler for display. Quite unlike the […]

Barred Owls

“The owl,” he was saying, “is one of the most curious creatures. A bird that stays awake when the rest of the world sleeps. They can see in the dark. I find that so interesting, to be mired in reality when the rest of the world is dreaming. […]

White Breasted Cormorant

  I’m a White breasted Cormorant, and I get to call the Baltimore Zoo my home away from home. I get to swim about in along with the African penguins, which is pretty awesome. Them all fancy in their tuxedos, me with my elegant white collar. You should […]