Pokemon at the Maryland Zoo

Call me shameless, but what can I say? I’m an American. And as an American, I love games, and I love to explore. I love games that make me explore.

If you haven’t caught the worldwide bug already, let me introduce you to the new game introduced by Nintendo POKEMON GO

A fun game that gets you out exploring to find these peculiar creatures in random places. In fact, Baltimore’s Maryland Zoo discovered these new creatures in their wild animal exhibits and have welcomed them with open arms. Offering three days with Pokemon mornings, one can go and capture Pokemon throughout the zoo.

They’re on the walkways, they’re with the Flamingos, they’re even in the African Savannah. There’s even a gym on campus to workout your captured Pokemon.

But Pokemon in the Maryland Zoo aren’t the only stars. The real animals are beautiful and are worth the visit. With three new Pink-backed Pelicans at Penguin Coast, they like to linger close to the glass, so even a little iPhone can capture nature in action.


It’s not often that the White rhinoceros is on the move, and this morning he was active, drinking water, and chasing an ostrich before taking a mud bath.


The elephants were out, and the eldest of the herd – Anna was out to visit with the humans.


All right..so it was Pokemon that got me to the zoo, but it was the wild animals that captured my heart. What a better way to spend a morning with your friends and family than sharing a fun and exciting event together.

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  1. Fantastic captures – gain! Thanks for sharing. But be careful with Pokemon Go at a zoo: don’t step on alligators. 😉

    • Hi Laura,
      The pelican was with the iPhone, the others was with my big camera – yes..I know, still owe you a reply. Had my grandkid with me this past week so I’ve been on the go. Get to catch up this weekend. Have a great Friday!

      • Thank you, Emily, I’ll have to look back at that pelican, thanks for that note. Family always comes first, glad you’re having fun and looking forward to your reply when your schedule frees up. Take care. 💛

  2. Emily how fun with pokemon. We’ve been away and upon our return we have been seeing countless cars driving by the house slowly, we thought they were casing it. Yesterday my husband stopped one of the cars to ask what was going on and lo n’ behold, we and the pond across the street is in the pokemon game. Great shots of the zoo animals!

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