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A Morning Run

The morning was a brisk morning, the air fresh and cool from lower humidity and temperatures. A wonderful respite after the hot and humid summer Maryland has held. The African exhibit at the Maryland Zoo is hosting a new family addition to the grazing animals. Feeling frisky, the […]

A Polar Bear

A bit of fussing was par for the course to create the image above. Whenever I visit the Maryland Zoo, one of my first stops is to visit their Polar bears. Each time I’ve gone, they’ve been sound asleep hidden behind a rock or a log. But on […]


Allow me to introduce you to “Garrett.” A Sandhill Crane that has recently been added to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. Garrett was found in Garrett County, Maryland at the end of 2015 wandering the streets looking for a handout. Clearly with no fear of humans (Human Imprint), […]