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It’s been one of my dreams to be able to travel to Africa and ride a horse galloping alongside beautiful Giraffes. It’s a long way from home and certainly costs a pretty penny. So to get my giraffe fix, a visit to the Maryland Zoo and the Giraffe […]

The Maryland Zoo

The Maryland Zoo in Druid Hill of Baltimore, Maryland is a wonderfully presented small zoo. A wide variety of wildlife in wide open spaces are enjoyed up close and personal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I feel like I’m nothing without wildlife. They are the stars. I feel awkward without them. Bindi […]

Views from Fort McHenry

It was a day of bi-polar weather with the sunrise illuminating the snow that was heavily falling on the bay. By noon, the dark gray skies moved east, opening up to beautiful bright blue skies with puffy clouds. I had visions of visiting the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore […]

On a Wild Goose Chase

The wild goose chase actually started yesterday at the wee hours of pre-dawn at five in the morning. Heading out of the house at six in order to arrive at Quarry Lake in Baltimore, Maryland before the sun rose, the thought of seeing a rare goose was better […]

Project 365/276 – FISH !

Beautiful discoveries to be found at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Rarely seen creatures that live in the sea are brought on land for all to enjoy. Perhaps one of these zoo type expeditions, I’ll actually remember to take notes with what their names are ! ┬áHave a […]