2013 Project 365

Project 365/231 – Maryland State Fair

The Maryland State Fair began this past weekend, and amazing sights and sounds are to be explored. Where else can one go to enjoy the pleasures of carnival food and wild rides?

Appreciate the hard work and dedication the youth of participating 4-H clubs from around the state. The 4-H was organized in 1902 by the National Institute of Food and Agricultural and emphasizes youth development. Β The kids are actively involved in showing a variety of farm animals in the State Fair. They are judged based on presentation and how well they are able to guide their livestock.

A surprising show was the Llamas and Alpacas group. All were totally adorable.

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And the pigs and goats were in on the shows as well.

With barns filled with livestock, you would think the smells of farm life would be strong. But these animals are prized possessions and are groomed more than you can imagine. There was the Cow Wash, the Goat Wash, and the Goat Hair dressers.

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There is so much more to explore at the fair. Stay tuned tomorrow for some fun adventures at the Maryland State Fair.


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  1. Of course I loved your photos! What strikes me though is something that I noticed a few years ago. 4 H was once nearly all boys, now, the girls predominate, and that’s a good thing.

  2. Way cool. I grew up going to the MD State Fair. I used to love getting the chance to check out all of the cool animals the 4H’ers would bring. Lots of good memories.

    • Thank you so much B Clemmons. I’m so happy that you discovered this post and it brought you such fond memories. I was really impressed about the maturity and professionalism of the 4H kids. Very cool.

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