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Hiking through the countryside of Maryland with the Mountain Club of Maryland. Additional trips include Shenandoah, and Peru.

Overcast Days and Waterfalls

And with the rains the waterfalls become alive. It was only inevitable that with all the rain that we’ve been getting in Maryland this year that I’d be chasing waterfalls. After my glorious outing at the Patuxent Research Refuge for autumn in the forest and lakes, I waited […]

Sugarloaf Mountain

“By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer’s best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer.” (Helen Hunt Jackson) In the days of waning heat and the promise of balmy autumn days the mountains call to me. This is one of my favorite times of […]

Barns in a Tiny World

It’s been an easier week for me and as spring has begun, I’ve been out every day chasing birds and looking for migration to really kick in. Today’s adventure was to a favorite, but not-often visited place located in the countryside of Marlboro, Maryland. Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary is […]

Hoping for Another Day

“What Not to Do” when going out on a hike to shoot a charming stream. This past week I was out hiking with a friend and was introduced to a lesser known babbling brook. Perfectly scenic and lots of photo opportunities, I planned on returning in short order […]

Falling Branch “Kilgore” Falls

With short walk in the woods at the Falling Branch area of Rocks State Park, one’s footsteps leads you to Maryland’s second highest free-falling waterfalls. Also known as Kilgore Falls, this serene spot is a summer favorite with locals as a popular swimming hole. The Hiking Photography meetup […]

The Billy Goat Trail “B”

There’s a trail along the Potomac River near the Great Falls section in Potomac Maryland. The Billy Goat trail, known well for it’s “Part A” with its difficult boulder scrambles and spectacular views of Maryland’s canyon, offers two lesser known sections. Like the letter B, the Billy Goat […]

Bloede’s Dam

“All good things must come to an end.” And such is the story of the historic Bloede’s Dam in Patapsco Valley State Park. Not well known, Bloede’s Dam was the world’s first hydroelectic dam, built by the Patapsco Electric and Manufacturing Company in 1907. Providing electric to the […]

The Old Bridge

The old bridge, strong for over a hundred years. The tales it could tell. Of the babbling brook that flows beneath or of the footsteps that walked above. This bridge, of man-sized stones tightly bound. Even Mother Nature with her attempts, blizzards, earthquakes, heavy rains. The bridge remains […]