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Barns in a Tiny World

It’s been an easier week for me and as spring has begun, I’ve been out every day chasing birds and looking for migration to really kick in.

Today’s adventure was to a favorite, but not-often visited place located in the countryside of Marlboro, Maryland. Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary is a state run property that provides a haven for migrating Canada geese in the wintering months. With varied habitats from huge fields, woodlands and wetlands, Merkle is part of the Patuxent River chain of parks.

Within the property, there are several old barns that are rustic and painted in the classic red barn paint. I was looking forward to the scenery, and after the birds distracted me a bit, I went spent time photographing the two barns. The first thing that caught my eye was the bare tree along the barn wall.

I knew that these barns would be great subjects to use to play with my new crystal Reflecting Ball. A friend of mine designed a tripod plate mount to set the ball on, thus avoiding having to hold the ball and getting my hand burnt from the sun’s refraction. (Brilliant friend) I also learned to use a nice cloth to pick up and hold the ball. Again, protection from being sizzled.

After my first attempt, I learned that it is best if I am closer to my subject, and to use a high f-stop to maximize the depth of field. This way you can get an idea of my subject that is being refracted in the ball.

Another fortunate thing is that I captured these on a cloudy day which helped even out the light and not cause too many hot spots within the ball. Once I captured a close up of the tree, I then went further out to get more of a barn perspective.

So I’m still with the question as to whether or not to flip the image to show what is inside the ball right-side up. The picture just above I think works just right with the ball image being upside down and the actual subject right side up. Although I think this one flipped ofer works better. What do you think?

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  1. Next to last one for me. I love having the ‘little barn’ as the subject with just the texture in the background. Brilliant project! Fun. 😀

    Migrants are just starting to show up here. Wearing field lenses as a perpetual necklace now. Cheers, Emily!

    • Such wonderful news Shannon, and I understand about the binoculars as being part of your wardrobe.

      Thank you for your feedback on which one you like. When I was shooting, that was the one that caught my attention the best also.

  2. So neat! I love the big one of the barn with the mini-barn totally captured in the crystal ball upside down. The mini shows the wide open sky and all the space around the barn, and I get to see a peek inside the big barn. Such a great story in one picture.

  3. This is very cool Emily – the barns and reflection in the ball. It captures my attention and keeps me there. Love that barn, lots of character and stories behind those old walls.

    • The best part I haven’t shared yet. Heard a rustling inside the barn and went to investigate. Discovered that it was a black vulture that was sitting on eggs! Very cool. Also, there are two owl boxes outside. Whooo knows whooo lives there?

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