2013 Project 365

Project 365/276 – FISH !

Beautiful discoveries to be found at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Rarely seen creatures that live in the sea are brought on land for all to enjoy.

Perhaps one of these zoo type expeditions, I’ll actually remember to take notes with what their names are !  Have a wonderful weekend. Bella

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  1. The fish are beautiful! They almost make me want to do the aquarium thing at home again, but they are just too much work.

    Did you use a flash for these shots, and if so, how did you not get reflections of the flash off from the glass?

    • Finally getting back with ya babe. Nope, no flash. Just super crazy ISO’s. I got the lens as close to the glass as possible. I did manage to get approval to come back with a tripod, but I don’t see how I can logistically make it work.

      I agree, love to have fish, but ewwww..you have to clean the tank. Yuck!

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