Cow Palace at the Maryland State Fair

It was a hot August summer day, but it didn’t stop my friend and I head to up to Baltimore for this year’s Maryland State Fair

We have been to the Timonium Fair Grounds over the years in January for the annual Horse World Expo. The Cow Palace was always filled with horses. But this time, Cow Palace truly stood up to its name.


Dairy Cows were lined up in rows, all primped and cleaned ready for judging. Many of them leisurely laid in the hay and munched away.


Taking care of these cows are hard work. First starting at the cow wash.


Then the finishing grooming touches are handled inside.


After that, there’s nothing left to do but wait.


There was a wide variety of cow breeds, from brown ones to black ones. Looking at the udders of these dairy cows, we wondered just how many gallons of fresh milk was held. From what we could figure, alot ! Perhaps even up to five gallons. Can you imagine the weight? And they usually are milked twice a day.



Cow Palace is an awesome place to visit, and the cows are of course adorable and rather sweet. They are inquisitive creatures and love to smell your hands.


It almost makes me want to have my own dairy cows, and I certainly have respect for these dairy farmers for their dedication to these gentle creatures. But I think I’ll stick to my easier to take care of horse.

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  1. Love the Moo’s, Emily, one of the gentlest creatures on the planet. Your photos capture their magic, at least to me, most especially their eyes which are like windows to their souls. I know very well that you can’t tell me that these beautiful creatures will never be eaten, but as a vegetarian heart and soul I so hope that people might see their sacred essence in your glorious images of them and possibly think of that the next time they pass by a Burger King… Hope you are well, m’Dear… Hugs always.

      • Just seeing your message, Emily, haven’t heard from you but that is okay. Just had a feeling things were going kinda’ rough. Rough on this end, too, hope yours are getting some better? ā¤

        • Amazingly I am feeling better ! I think the meds are kicking the Lymes. So far no symptoms for the past 5 days..let’s see what time will tell. I’m lousy at writing, so just blame me for not getting in touch with you.

  2. I come from a long line of dairy farmers on my mother’s side, and believe me, you do NOT want to be a dairy farmer! You become a slave to the cows, that are always milked twice a day, every day, or, you’ll have a sick cow on your hands.Cows may seem gentle, until you have to wash the and milk them, then, there’s always one that tries to kick or bite you when you’re not looking. But, I still like cows, especially when I get to see them in your wonderful photos. šŸ˜‰

    • After getting a glimpse of what these dairy cow owners did to bring their cows to the fair for showing, I can truly appreciate the constant hard work. I agree, you become a servant to the cows as they need our help. I bet you’re happy that you didn’t get adopted into the family business!

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