2013 Project 365

Project 365/355 – How to Get Out of Focus Photos at the Aquarium

#1 – Take the wrong lens for the job.

#2 – Use too small of an aperture setting.

#3 – Not paying attention to one’s shutter speeds to notice that they’re so slow to freeze motion.

#4 – Not standing and holding the camera steady

#5 – Not take advantage of higher ISO settings to capture the moment, regardless of noise.

But there were a few keepers from the day, regardless of tons of deleting in Lightroom.

Somehow “The Look” has transcended species boundaries. However did they know?

Aquarium-9646 Aquarium-9585

For the outing I took the Canon 7D with 100mm f/2.8 L Macro lens. Along with the 100-400mm L lens for the dolphin shots. Quickly regretting the fact that I had dropped my Canon 5D Mark III, while I was grateful for having a backup camera, I sorely missed the Mark III’s rapid focusing mechanism and ability to handle low light conditions. I also missed the sharpness that I get with the Mark III versus the 7D.

So the next test will be is to return with the Canon 7D with the proper 24-105mm lens that I took on my last visit. It’ll be worth seeing if I can get closer to duplicating those images from the first trip.

I loved visiting the aquarium again and discovered all sorts of new things. I purchased a yearly membership so I can go as often as I can. Let’s hope I can return soon.


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  1. Only 5 ways? I’m sure there must be more, lurking around. At least you didn’t wave the camera around while taking shots. There’s been times when I deleted every picture I took, and those make me wonder if I have any clue at all.

  2. Seriously, you call that a mistake. I think that is a stroke of genius! Gorgeous pics. And yah, do return to the aquarium for a retake and comparison and then some.

  3. The frog and the seahorse would have been enough to make the trip worthwhile to me, the dolphins make a nice bonus.

    I often find myself so intent on a subject that I forget to look at the settings that the camera is showing me, although I am getting better about that.

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