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Artist Choice

Well, I went and did it again. I just had to go and revisit a beautiful place because it was so special this season. After my photography class at Longwood, I wanted to return and capture some images that I saw while helping others. It’s one of those […]

A Change of Scenery

There’s been a change of scenery for me. Heading to a small island off the coast of South Carolina that I never would have known about. A good friend of mine is having her wedding, and when I heard it was on the beach, there was no way […]

A Sunny Day

It is a sunny day today. In fact thousands and thousands of sunny faces greeted me in the morning. I had heard that the sunflower fields in Jarrettsville, Maryland were in full bloom this week. I had passed by the empty fields several months ago and the fields […]

A Burst of Yellow

In a forest of green, a burst of yellow flashes by along the marsh. Known as the Prothonotary Warbler, these darling warblers are known for their ‘sweet-sweet-sweet’ call. These beautiful bursts of yellow can be found at Governor’s Bridge Natural Area, breeding along the marshy banks of the […]

Greens and Yellows

It’s prime migration time for the birds in the DELMARVA area. Within the Atlantic Flyway, this area is a magnet for little yellow birds flying from South and Central America to points further north. This week is a “birding blitz” week for me. Starting with two mornings locally […]

I Really Wanted the Shot

The past few weeks there have been some rare Red Necked Grebes hanging out in the Magothy River by my house. This winter has been so cold and harsh, that the great lakes froze over nearly 95%. Leaving little habitat for these grebes to winter. These Red Necked […]