A Change of Scenery


There’s been a change of scenery for me. Heading to a small island off the coast of South Carolina that I never would have known about. A good friend of mine is having her wedding, and when I heard it was on the beach, there was no way I wasn’t going to go and not spend a week while there. Just north of Hilton Head, there is a short chain of out islands that lead to Fripp Island. Just above it is Hunting Island State Park which covers the entire island.

Fripp Island is known as a wildlife sanctuary and there are small island deer that stroll by the house without a care in the world. Today is my first day, and although it was mostly cloudy, It gave me a chance to be familiar with the area and plan for some photographic adventures.

Hunting Island was hard hit by some recent Tropical storms, and the beach was filled with the debris. For photographers, the island is better known for its lighthouse, and abandoned trees on the beach.


I wandered a bit and then returned home for a nap before heading back out for the sunset. Using a newly acquired Super Wide angle 14mm Sanyang lens I played with the lens and really like how it creates dramatic scenes if used correctly.


I had purchased this affordable lens to photograph the Milky Way as it’s known to be better than the Canon wide angle lens for aberrations, etc. Timing is on my side and it’s the new moon tonight and the Milky Way is to show itself around 9pm. Although it is the end of “Milky Way Season” (yes..there is a season) I hope to get a nice view of it tonight.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you in the marsh with all of the mosquitoes that I left behind.


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  1. Lovely. I’ve been to Hunting Island but not to Fripp. Will have to check it out when I’m down there next. The lighthouse and beached trees are nice on Hunting….but also check out the fishing pier if you haven’t already. There seemed to be more shore birds and herons, etc. down by the fishing pier.

    • IMHO Hunting Island is the place to be. You really have to work to find the natural scenes on Fripp Island. It is so developed. Only the marshes don’t have houses on them. I’m going to try the fishing pier tomorrow. Thank you so much!

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