Greens and Yellows

It’s prime migration time for the birds in the DELMARVA area. Within the Atlantic Flyway, this area is a magnet for little yellow birds flying from South and Central America to points further north.

This week is a “birding blitz” week for me. Starting with two mornings locally for Warblers and others, and two more field trips planned this week. The birds have been a bit elusive, but all the more fun on the hunt. A hunter friend had highly recommended that I get some camouflage clothing to help blend into the landscape. Getting a Green Tree outfit, I wore it for the first time today. Stepping into the understory of a bright green tree, I was able to enjoy a beautiful Yellow Billed Cuckoo for about 10 minutes before it continued on its way.


Yesterday I went to a different park and a friend pointed out a nesting box for a special warbler. This beautiful Prothonotary Warbler is one I only saw once briefly last year. They are so stunningly brilliant yellow and it was so special to be able to see one closer. Once I’ve learned it song, I’m starting to hear them quite a bit the past two days.


But then yesterday got more exciting as an Orchard Oriole responded to a short playback of his song. There is a lot of controversy of playing audio tapes of a bird’s song and I’m finding that I prefer not to use them. The birds aren’t as responsive as they were last year and all it does it put stress on them. Some people put the tape on and play it nonstop. If I don’t get a response immediately from one or two calls, I stop playing the tune. Now I’m on the hunt for a Baltimore Oriole – none yet.


While walking through the muddy woodlands yesterday a scatter and a squawk happened. Seemed I had come up upon a family of Wood Ducks. I didn’t see them, they saw me first. It was a Mama Wood Duck with her twelve babies. The babies hid immediately and the mom went into the path pretending to be hurt. She was really trying to distract me from her babies. After a while, she went into the grass and her babies quickly followed her.

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I’ve managed to get quite a nice collection of warblers this past week. Such amazing creations of Mother Nature.

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Along with the beautiful birds, the flowers are in full bloom all around. It’s just been a wonderful week and hope to discover more with each new day.


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  1. Wow, Bella, your photos are exquisite — so clear! And how very lovely it is to be on the eastern side of the country during spring migration, have fun! πŸ™‚

  2. You must have blended in very successfully, Emily, because these photos are wonderful. Lovely birds, and also that water lily. We almost have no flowers yet, but I am sure Mother Nature will offer some soon. Enjoy your week.

  3. Such beautiful lil guys. I still applaud your patience. I don’t have it! I make them come to me. .. I’m starting to see more interesting birds, now that I’m offering native bird food to them.

    • Now that’s interesting, what is native bird food? The horses taught me patience, and the birds even more so. Now I’m happy to just stay in a spot for a half an hour or so, although I wished I had a chair.

      • I know it’s rude to post links in comments, however, if you check out my post called ‘Ilex vs. House Sparrows’, I describe what birds like what foods. I sit in front of a picture window for at least 8 hours. When I changed the feeders and food options, all kinds of natives showed up and I didn’t have to go anywhere! Indigo buntings visit! Never saw one b4. Very pretty! This is truly lazy man bird watching!

      • Honest, Emily, they make them. Predators have forward looking eyes so birds are scared of anything that they perceive as looking directly at them. I don’t know who sells them but a blog from England talked about them and how much closer he could get to birds and other wildlife with them, as opposed to just camo clothing.

        • Yes, that’a tough one, I have been very close to birds that were wary but OK until I aimed the camera at them. It seems like you usually get close enough with your overall 700mm.

        • I wish I had that much zoom. Full Frame, 500mm. I haven’t been using the extender. Sort of afraid to try after I crashed the thing before my trip. Also the focus mechanism in general was slow. I’d rather just crop later.

    • That is such a huge compliment Michael, and thank you! It’s all those hours I’ve wasted in the field, but I love it. Always come home with a big smile on my face. That is, unless the birds skunk me.

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