2013 Project 365

Project 365/354 – New Year’s Day Stroll in Annapolis


APRIL 4, 1730 – Percy H. Boynton

At length the wintry Horrors disappear,
And April views with Smiles the infant Year;
The grateful Earth from frosty Chains unbound,
Pours out its vernal Treasures all around,
Her Face bedeckt with Grass, with Buds the Trees are crown’d.5.
In this soft Season, ‘ere the Dawn of Day,
I mount my Horse, and lonely take my Way,
From woody Hills that shade Patapsco’s Head
(In whose deep Vales he makes his stony Bed,
From whence he rushes with resistless Force,10.
Tho’ huge rough Rocks retard his rapid Course,)
Down to Annapolis, on that smooth Stream
Which took from fair Anne-Arundel its Name.

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  1. Great photos!

    You’re so creative, posing the dog on the right in the photo so that it covers a portion of the sign that says “City Dock” in such a way that it looks like the sign says City Dog instead. 😉

      • OH but you can make snowmen with so little effort along the coast 15+ inches have fallen and at midnight seawalls will take a beating as well as our beautiful beaches again and again at lunch time tomorrow I hope to be up in Portsmouth running errands and will take the coastal route back south to home if they have not shut the road down. It will be 20 below by then with nasty winds. We are under blizzard warnings now. Thanks for thinking of us. 🙂

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