2013 Project 365

Project 365/269 – Exotic Birds at the Baltimore National Aquarium

The Rainforest at the top of the Baltimore National Aquarium holds over 250 birds, and at least 18 species.

Trying to find them high in the tree canopy is another story though. Spending about 45 minutes in the forest, I kept hoping that these exotic beauties would show themselves.

There is something about birds and me, no matter where I go. Seems they like to give me “the Glare.” I’m guessing it’s mostly likely because I’m staring at them with one really big eye. Bet it freaks them out.

The surprise for me was the Motmot that was getting baby mice for its meal from the wall where the keepers place them for him. Kind of creepy.

Hope you have a colorful day. Bella

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  1. Very beautiful birds, nicely done! I’ve noticed that birds look at me differently now when I’m using the Beast to photograph them than they do when I use a smaller lens, could they know?

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