It’s been one of my dreams to be able to travel to Africa and ride a horse galloping alongside beautiful Giraffes. It’s a long way from home and certainly costs a pretty penny.

So to get my giraffe fix, a visit to the Maryland Zoo and the Giraffe feeding station was in order. These elegant lumbering towering beasts are gentle and inquisitive.


There was a young filly giraffe that came in to enjoy the lettuce delicacies, along with her mother.

Their long tongues twisting around the lettuce to enjoy the sweetness. Munch..munch..munch.

I got to pet their soft noses and they smelled like horses. No wonder I like Giraffes so much.


I really want one now. I can see Remy running along the giraffes, laughing with glee.

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    • Now I’m sure you could really arrange an amazing journey in Africa for me. I’m looking for 2016 to go there and really want to do the great migration in Tanzania. But have heard fabulous things of South Africa.

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