A Red Ball

The late summer day was hazy, even if the temperatures were cooling. The waters on the Chesapeake Bay were calmer than usual, with many summer revelers already returned to the marina for the evening.

The Osprey had returned to their nests for the night, but staying ever vigilant of passerby’s.


The Baltimore Lighthouse stood the ready to shine the light throughout the night.


A small Forster’s Tern had hoped to have a quiet resting stop on a bobbing marker. But decided the ride was just a bit too bouncy.


Then in the haze, the sun became a giant red ball. Quickly sinking westward, growing ever brighter.


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  1. Wow great shot! How long did you wait for the sun to line up like that? ! I forgot how patient you are…

  2. Just seen your post on Leanne Coles blog. Very informative and I love your photos. You have captured some amazing moments. I’m looking forward to seeing your future posts! 😊

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