Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down

This past weekend, there were several days of high winds. These winds, along with gusts up to 40 m.p.h. have been like the big bad wolf.

He Huffed, and Puffed, and Blew the House Down of Zorro and Esperanza.

It was a sad event for me to see that they are homeless. Sitting there where the nest once was, they wondered what happened.


I sat down in despair. Woe is me. How are Zorro and Esperanza going to be able to raise their family without a home? Will they leave and look for better housing? How am I going to survive without little baby osprey’s to enjoy?

I watched as both left the nest, flying high in circles along the river. Feeling that they had left me for good, my heart sank even more.

But then Esperanza returned with a big flourish.


She then proceeded to scream away for Zorro to come and pay attention to her. Zorro was good enough to oblige.


They were actually practice runs, but it seems that Zorro and Esperanza has not given up on starting a family. In checking them again tonight, they have not done any new construction, but are still at home.

Some say that there may be enough nest left to still raise a family. I certainly hope so.

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  1. Aw so sad. I have a couple of morning doves quietly tucked away in a corner within our large porch overhang, Mom has been sitting, sitting all day long for the past week – soon very soon we’ll be watching a lot of activity.

  2. Well, at least they’re having fun trying and practice makes perfect. Besides, Esperanza means Hope in Spanish, so obviously, she’s full of it! Great shot! 🙂

    • I think that’s why I love her name so much. As it means hope. So let’s hope that all works out and we get to enjoy little baby osprey. They are having just way too much fun playing. Now time to get to work!

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