A Stick at a Time


It’s time for an update on Zorro and Esperanza. After building them a new nesting platform last week, Zorro and Esperanza have been determined to keep their original home on the neighbor’s boat lift.

To help them with rebuilding their home, and hoping they would build on the new platform, I’ve been leaving gifts in the yard for Zorro’s use. What gifts? You may ask. Well, nesting materials for quick pick up.

Carefully laying out different sized sticks, and soft bedding material I provide a stick buffet for Zorro.


Zorro is a bit particular as to which sticks he wants. Some don’t make the cut and remained in the grass, while the others were whisked away for Esperanza. He starts around six in the morning and works hard for about a half an hour. Seems this stick buffet has made his job easier. It’s awe inspiring to see him swoop down with his large wing mass and do a fly-by, grabbing a stick along the way.

Tonight, I set out a new collection of sticks for him. (I am running out of sticks in the yard though.) This time I placed the trail camera, in hopes of capturing Zorro in action.

As to his building activity. Seems this time, one nest is not enough and he’s starting a second one as a backup. I’ve been wondering what the neighbors were going to do this time, as the law is on their side. Last weekend was beautiful and surely they would have returned to the boat lift and removed the nest once again. But they didn’t. They haven’t gone to the dock and used it either.

Where the neighbors live, there are actually three houses on the same parcel. The house closest to the boat lift where Zorro and Esperanza live, actually goes with a rental house and those people don’t care about the dock. It’s the next house where the daughter had moved back in recently. Evidently, she’s got her own dock in front of her house.

Why she felt she needed to mess with Zorro’s nest is beyond me. Perhaps the visit with my little Department of Natural Resources police friend has deterred her from disturbing the nest again.

Which is good, as I saw Zorro and Esperanza making out again. And Esperanza is now starting to spend a little more time on the nest. So who knows what the next day will bring. This image here will help you get an idea of their surroundings.

Wish them luck!


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  1. Hurrah! Here’s much love and hope to those gorgeous magnificent creatures… And double hurrah for you for helping them so much!

  2. Thanks for the update on the continuing saga of Zorro and Esperanza. It reminds me of a soap opera with the clashes of good and evil and unexpected plot twists. I love happy endings and hope that soon you’ll be seeing little ones.

    • Truly my pleasure Mike ! I didn’t want to keep you on the edge of your seat. Indeed it is an Osprey soap opera. At this rate, I could write a book about them. πŸ™‚

      I’m now waiting to see if she’ll place an egg or three in the nest.

      • Hi,
        Thank you dear for liking my blog . Please do keep visiting ☺
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        Thank you

  3. Oh, it’s gettin’ interesting… wishing Zorro and Esperanza all the best with their house building… I so want some little ZE’s! πŸ™‚

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