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The Lovely Couple

I have to admit that I am now obsessed with the couple that have moved in next door. Allow me to introduce you to Esperanza and Zorro, the Osprey couple that you met just a couple of days ago. I’ve been watching them daily, mainly Esperanza screaming for […]

Setting up House

Early in the morn the sound of a calling Osprey awakened me. Looking out the window I saw one fly by and land on my neighbors dock. Rather unusual as around the manor, the Osprey usually fly by for destinations unknown. Heading down to the water to investigate, […]


The Osprey have returned to the Chesapeake Bay after enjoying their tropical winter holiday. As they mate for life, one couple I’ve become familiar with, returned one by one. The male returned first, lovingly building the nest for his girl before she arrived. Within just a few days, […]

It’s Cold Out There

Freezing temperatures for quite some time have frozen over the Magothy River. The ice can be seen heading out towards the Chesapeake Bay. But a small patch of water remained, where many ducks, geese and swans found refuge. I had brought some corn to share with my feathered […]

Scrappy Scaup

Yep, I’m a scrappy scaup. Lesser Scaup that is. My brothers and cousins come in huge numbers and love to winter along the Chesapeake Bay. We’re little diving ducks that love the water. One of my favorite things to do with my cousins is to confuse little birders […]

Duck Wannabe

What looks like a duck, but isn’t a duck? The American Coot! A duck wannabe, they can be found floating along with mallards, and other winter migrating ducks. Found in the winter months along the Chesapeake Bay, these waterbirds fake me out. Their faces look a bit chicken […]