The Lovely Couple

Esperanza and Zorro

Esperanza and Zorro

I have to admit that I am now obsessed with the couple that have moved in next door.

Allow me to introduce you to Esperanza and Zorro, the Osprey couple that you met just a couple of days ago.

I’ve been watching them daily, mainly Esperanza screaming for attention from Zorro, while Zorro adds to the nest and tends to Esperanza’s needs. Zorro has been a wonderful mate and has now moved in getting ready for providing room service to Esperanza while she’s expecting.

But they’re not the only Osprey on the river this year. In fact I’ve noticed more osprey than in previous years. But Ospreys are not the only ones seen on the river.

Double Crested Cormorants have been busy fishing on the river, floating downstream, the flying back up to start all over again.


Meanwhile Zorro flies high above giving his best pose. Ah these spring days on the river.


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  1. Where on earth did you get find those names. Z and Espe, I love the names you came up. Which one is Z? Gosh, I just love the look of the osprey with eyes and mouth with open.

    • The one in the front is the girl – Esperanza, the boy, Zorro is in the back. Someone saw that last photo on facebook and said “Zorro.” So Zorro it is. Esperanza was his wife in the novel. And of course you know that means hope. Esperanza was screaming in the picture for some action. 🙂

  2. How much fun is this Emily – great catches, of which I have a feeling we’ll be seeing many more. Hopefully a couple of chicks will be following soon.

  3. What a stunning couple – I look forward to watching this blossoming relationship with all possible future “developments”! 🙂

  4. Yeah! They don’t look like they’re all too neighborly though. 😉 You are very fortunate to have them so close, even better you’re great with a camera.

    I really like this shot, it’s like she’s yelling at you, looks pissed. And beautiful capture of the iridescence on the Cormorant. 😀

    • Actually they are pretty tolerant of us. I don’t go down too often so that I don’t bother them much. Esperanza usually looks annoyed. Don’t know what that’s about. All she does is sit there and scream for Zorro to take care of her. Talk about a demanding woman. An update is due that I’ll be posting tonight.

      • Little late I am in visits and replies but now I’m looking forward to this update from last week on this couple. I’ll bet there’s more than just one at this point. 😉

        She sounds a bit needy.

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