2013 Project 365

Project 365/198 – Long Pond’s Carriage Road

me20jul13-4937-EditAlong the banks of the beautiful Long Pond is a large section of land that is still owned by the Rockefeller family. The creators and collaborators for creating the expansive Carriage Road system throughout Acadia National Park. Last year hubby and I enjoyed a beautiful two-hour carriage ride in Crossing Over in Acadia. A wonderful way to explore the balsam fir forests and the well thought out carriage road system.

Beginning our adventure up the carriage road on Long Pond, we were immediately greeted by this beautiful pair of Morgan horses tied to an elegant carriage.

me20jul13-4929-2We continued following the road leading up through the well scented Balsam Fir and evergreen forest.

me20jul13-4932The road overlooks a summer boat house that the Rockefellers have used in the past. It now stands vacant as the land is open to visitors. It was one of the Rockefeller wives who’s idea it was to open up the land to the public and have it accessible to dog owners. Allowing the dogs to be unleashed, this is a popular area for dog people.


While exploring the boat house, and talking with some people, another beautiful set of carriage horses arrived. As it’s been a week since I’ve seen my pony, I saw this couple stop and the woman was wanting to water the horses.

Seizing the opportunity to get some horse time, I quickly jumped in and grabbed the water bucket, filled it and brought it to the team. One just tossed her nose in the bucket and played with the water. Got to love horses. You can certainly bring them to water, but you can’t make them drink.

me20jul13-4951It was a wonderful outing in stunning scenery between water and forest. Walking on land that the Rockefeller owns made me feel truly special. The forethought this family had in creating and supporting such a beautiful area is truly remarkable.

Hope you enjoyed the adventure on the carriage road with me. Bella

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  1. What a wonderful idea! Are there carriages for rent, or do you have to bring your own? It looks as if you’re enjoying great weather and good times, even if you do miss your pony.

    • You can pay to go on a carriage ride at the stables. These two carriages were private owners that brought their horses & carriages to the island to enjoy. Miss my pony, but don’t miss the heat! Thanks Jerry.

  2. What beautiful scenery! Thankfully, some good rich people leave undisturbed land for others to enjoy. .. =)
    Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Over 27 years, the junior Rockefeller built a state of the art carriage road system of his own in Acadia, complete with 17 beautiful and individually unique bridges that spanned motor roads, streams and more throughout Acadia.

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